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A New Store With Every Visit

Every day, Treasures Anew receives many new items from our many consignors.  Merchandise is intermixed — from the eclectic and original to the functional and practical. The store is in constant flux… new items placed on the shelves; outdated items removed.  This allows us to provide clients with the “freshest” stock available.  And if you don’t see what you’re looking for, please let us know.  We’ll be pleased to place your request in our Wish Book.

We have two prices at Treasures Anew.  For the first month, the item is at full price.  If you find an item that has been in the store for more than a month, it is 20% off.  What a treat for you bargain hunters who love a treasure at a reduced price.  But a word of caution…if you really love something, don’t risk the wait.  There are others who have been eyeing the same  treasure and they just might make it to the store before you do.  If you love it, just buy it and avoid being disappointed.



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