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Sure you can place your items on Kijiji or Used Ottawa.  But it’s not as easy as it seems.  How many of you have had “no shows”?  Or if they do come, they begin to dicker on price.  It’s a lot of hassle, not to mention fraught with anxiety.  Now, let’s turn to yard sales….is it really worth your time to set-up and take-down for 25 cents an item?  People are looking for a bargain…they won’t stop harping at you until you agree to their price.    You’ll end up letting your cherished item go for a smidgeon of its valued price.  Why not consign them first, and if they don’t sell, let them go to a garage sale and/or a charity?  At least you’ve explored all your options.

Best advice:  Consign your treasures first….if they don’t sell, place them on kijiji or have a garage sale.

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